Structured Learning Class (Grades 3-5)
    Dear Parents,

    I hope that you and your children have had a fantastic summer break and that you are off to a great start for the 2017-2018 school year here at Harvey Brown Elementary! I am very happy to be here and I’m looking forward to working with all of my students.

    As your child’s teacher, I will be working hard to help him/her make significant academic progress in a safe, structured, and positive environment. I will maintain regular communication with everybody who will be working with your child and I will keep you informed with regards to your child’s progress.


    I strongly believe that parents and teachers must work as a team to ensure that the children get the most they can out of each school year. You can help by:

    ♦ creating a daily 15-30 minute silent reading time with a book of his/her choice that is not difficult to read.

    ♦ reading to your child regularly.

    ♦ helping your child with homework, as well as signing and returning completed work or notes.

    ♦ calling or writing a note with any questions or concerns you have.

    ♦ encouraging writing often.

    ♦ practicing basic math skills a few times a week.

    ♦ getting your child to school each day.

    ♦ attending meetings and contacting me ahead of time if there is a problem.


    Working together, we can make this a very positive and productive year for your child.


     Thank you!

    Hyacinth Anne Malapitan, LVN, OT, MA-SpEd.
    "Ms. M" 
    Phone Number: 281-860-1409
    E-mail Address: hyacinth.malapitan@cvisd.org 
    Conference: 2:10 - 3:00