• 8th Grade Science Syllabus

    1st 9 weeks

    Safety, Scientific Method


    Atomic Structure

    Protons and Valence Electrons

    Periodic Table

    Counting Atoms

    1st CBA

    1st Projects due

    2nd 9 weeks

    Chemical Reactions and Formulas

    unbalanced and balanced forces

    Speed, Velocity and Acceleration

    Calculating Speed

    Newton's Law's

    Components of the Universe

    Semester Exams

    3rd 9 weeks

    EM Spectrum

    Rotation and Revolution

    Lunar Cycle


    Plate Tectonic Theory

    Topography Maps

    Ocean Currents and Weather Maps

    Science Benchmark


    Food web and Pyramids

    Biotic and Abiotic factors

    Staar Blitz Review

    Science Staar Test



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  • CBA's and project dates

    CBA 1 will be the week of October 2nd

    1st 9 week project ( mandotary for all students) the week of october 10th

    2nd 9 week project (mandotary for all students) the week of December 4th

    Semester Exams will be given the week of December 18th

    Science Benchmark the week of March 5th

    3rd 9 weeks project due the week of March 5th as well ( mandotary for all students)

    8th Grade Science Staar Test will be given on May 16th 2018. All 8th graders are required to pass.  

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