TAKS Exit Level Assessments 
    Students who have not received a high school diploma because they did not meet the passing standard on sections of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) Exit Level will have the opportunity to retake the necessary subject area tests online. The TEAMS and TAAS tests are no longer being offered; however, individuals eligible to take TEAMS or TAAS will take TAKS Exit Level English language arts and/or mathematics. For students who still need to take and successfully pass a TAKS Exit Level Assessment, testing is administered online during the months of March, July and October. Please contact Channelview High School at 281-452-1450 to set up a test session. 
    TAKS Information

    TEA developed TAKS information booklets to provide a better understanding of TAKS and its connection to the statewide curriculum, the TEKS. Note that unlike the previous information booklets, each grade within a subject area is now presented as a separate booklet. The information booklets for each subject area contain some information unique to that subject. However, all booklets include the following information, which we consider critical for every subject-area TAKS test:

    • an overview of the subject within the context of TAKS
    • a blueprint of the test - the number of items under each objective and the number of items on the test as a whole
    • information that clarifies how to read the TEKS
    • the reasons each objective and its TEKS student expectations are critical to student learning and success
    • additional information about each objective that helps educators understand how TEA assesses the objective on TAKS
    • sample items that show some of the ways TEA assesses objectives

    PDF Exit Level TAKS Information Booklets:

    *Eligible Science TEKS for TAKS (PDF)