• My discipline plan is listed below. I have also attached the anchor chart that the students have in the classroom to remind them as well.
    Students will go through a 4 step process. Each student is allowed to have 3 warnings before moving into the discipline plan.
    1. Warning- The student's name will go on the board as a reminder that their behavior wasn't appropriate. They will also sign and date a teacher kept discipline log. The student name will stay on the board for the entire week. On Friday, it will be erased.
    2. Written Reflection- Students will be asked to put everything away that they are working on in class and will write a 1-page reflection based on the guidelines that are given to them. The student must try to complete it in class, but if not then they will take the guidelines home and finish it that night. The next day the student will turn the reflection into me with BOTH a PARENT signature and a STUDENT signature.
    3. Detention- Students will have a detention in their written reflection isn't brought back the next day or if their written reflection didn't correct the behavior. They will come and sit with me if they have A lunch and will call their parent to describe the behavior that was occurring. If a student has B or C lunch then they will have to arrange a before or after school detention and parents will have to arrange transportation.
    4. Referral to Office- If none of the above actions change the students' behavior, then the student will have a referral to the office and all of the documentation between myself and the student and the parent will also be provided as record of behavior.