• chad n  
    Chad Nuetzmann -  Cobb Elementary School
    How long have you been a principal?
    Five months
    Previous Administrative/Teaching experience
    Assistant Principal - Aguirre Junior High
    Assistant Principal - Harvey Brown Elementary
    Fifth Grade Math Teacher - Hamblen Elementary 
    Educational Background
    Bachelors Degree in Theological Studies - Oral Roberts University
    Masters Degree in Educational Leadership - Lamar University
    Why did you decide to become a principal?
    At the age of 13, I knew I wanted to minister to youth.  I pursued a degree in theology and served as a youth pastor for several years.  Little did I know that my path would lead me into public schools as a teacher and eventually a principal.  I believe that my position as a campus principal is the fulfillment of my calling to help the youth of this generation.
    What inspires you most as an educator?
    Seeing a student or teacher doing their very best and giving it their all inspires me to do the same.  Results matter, but it is not everything.  Sometimes the process is where the real learning takes place.  Learning to endure, learning to overcome challenges, and learning to believe in yourself are the seeds of lifelong success.  These lessons are just as important as any Math or Reading skill.
    What is your fondest memory as an educator?
    My fondest memory as an educator was during my first year in the classroom.  I was a Math teacher, but I was not really that good at Math when I was a student.  So, as I prepared my lessons, I was having those ah-ha moments right along with the students.  We were genuinely excited to learn together and I loved seeing the lights switch go on in both their minds as well as my own.  It just goes to prove that we should never stop learning throughout our lives.  It is one of the true joys of our profession. 
    What piece of advice would you want your students to remember?
    I would hope to teach many lessons to my students both in example and in word.  However, if I had to limit it to to one piece of advice, I would hope my students would always choose to do their very best in all that they do and to not become content with average.  To change the world we must challenge the world.  I would challenge them to be their best in their school work, their friendships, their words and actions, and to face each day one day at a time.  Neither the failures or success of yesterday will get us through today - so let's face forward and be victorious one step at a time.
    Audry Lane - Crenshaw Elementary School
    How long have you been principal of your campus? 
    13 years
    Previous administrative and teaching experience
    Assistant Principal - Crenshaw Elementary
    Fifth Grade Teacher - Hamblen Elementary
    Elementary Teacher - Humble ISD
    Educational Background
    Bachelors Degree - University of Houston
    Masters Degree - Stephen F. Austin State University
    Why did you decide to become a principal?
    I worked with several student teachers and new teachers throughout my classroom years.  It was very rewarding to be able to share tips and techniques, new ideas and strategies, and the lessons I learned the hard way with brand new, aspiring teachers.  As a veteran teacher, I was energized by their new passion for teaching.  Going into leadership gave me the chance to support more teachers, keep learning and growing myself, and still stay involved and connected with all the kids.
    What inspires you most as an educator?
    Seeing students that struggled when they were younger growing up to be a successful adult.  Some of my previously challenging students from the past are now parents, college graduates, and even district employees. I am proud to think I had a small part in their success.

    What is your fondest memory as an educator? 
    Education is like a roller-coaster ride with ups and downs, fast times and slow times, sharp curves and quick stops.  The only difference is that  education doesn't go around and around the same track; it starts fresh every day, every month, every year with so many memorable moments it impossible to pin down just one. 
    What piece of advice would you want your students to remember?
    Never give up, never quit, always do your best, and try to learn something new every single day.