• Principal Profiles: Learn more about your campus leaders!
    Cindi Ollis -  Channelview High School
    How long have you been a principal at this campus?
    10 years
    Previous Administrative/Teaching experience
    Principal – Alice Johnson Junior High
    Assistant Principal – Channelview High School
    Life Science, Earth Science, Biology, IPC and Health Teacher – Galena Park ISD, Sheldon ISD and Pasadena ISD
    UIL Academic League coach, Cheerleader Sponsor and Drill Team Director
    Educational Background
    Bachelors Degree in Biology/Health -- University of Houston Clear​ Lake
    Masters Degree in Education -- Stephen F. Austin University
    Why did you decide to become a principal?
    I have always wanted to help others, be it in the classroom, which I loved for 20 years, or as an administrator. Becoming an Assistant Principal and later a Principal enabled me to support other administrators, teachers, students and parents, acting as a facilitator ​for academics or student issues. Channelview High School is such an important part of the  community and we want to foster relationships that build and reinforce positive outcomes for our students and their families. It is a team effort. By working together, everyone achieves more.
    What inspires you most as an educator?
    Helping students and other educators to reach their goals -  from assisting students in reaching their goals to encouraging our staff when they pursue a degree or mentoring our teachers to become specialists or administrators.
    What is your fondest memory as an educator?
    The Graduation Ceremony every year is my fondest memory! Working with students for four years, to overcome challenges and accomplish this lifetime goal is why we are here. Our staff of administrators, counselors,​ teachers and paraprofessional staff truly make a difference!
    What piece of advice would you want your students to remember?
    "​A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results." – Wade Boggs, retired Major League Baseball player and member of the Baseball Hall of Fame
    Constance Norfleet - Hamblen Elementary School
    How long have you been principal of your campus? 
    Two years
    Previous administrative and teaching experience
    Assistant Principal – Hamblen Elementary
    Teacher – Galena Park ISD
    Teacher – Galveston ISD
    Educational Background
    Bachelors Degree in Special Education – Lamar University
    Masters Degree in Education -- Prairie View A&M University
    Worked in the field of education for 37 years.
    Why did you decide to become a principal?
    I realized early in my career that the top school leadership position on campus would be the ideal place to make the greatest impact on my educational community. It has always been a top priority of mine to cultivate a learning environment that fosters high levels of academic achievement for every child. As campus principal I knew that I could lead the charge in bringing the type of student success that we all could be proud of.
    What inspires you most as an educator?
    My mother, Naomi Jackson, has been one of the most influential people not only in my career, but in my life as well.  She was my very first teacher. I will always remember how she made learning so fun and exciting for me and my siblings.  She was a very passionate, extremely positive, firm, and loving natural teacher. I wanted to approach education with the same passion in which she did. It was her passionate example that I bring with me to my job each day.

    What is your fondest memory as an educator? 
    While being a part of the Hamblen family for the past 22 years, I’ve viewed each day as a joy and a blessing.  Through the years I’ve enjoyed many memorable experiences. Some memories as small as seeing students’ faces light up as they grasp new concepts or experience success on a quiz or a major test. Other memories come from my interactions with our dedicated staff members.  Some of my fondest memories involve rewarding the students for their successes on the state mandated assessments. In doing so, I’ve been pied in the face, whip creamed, and, spent the night on the school’s roof.
    What piece of advice would you want your students to remember?
    I would offer my students the same advice that my parents gave my siblings and me when we were very small children. They encouraged us to always remember where we came from, but to also know where we were going in life. Then I’d like for all of my students to remember that they can do all things with God on their side.