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    Eric Lathan -  Aguirre Junior High
    How long have you been a principal at this campus?
    Four years
    Previous Administrative/Teaching experience
    House Principal – Atascocita High School
    Assistant Principal – Huffman High School
    Assistant Principal – Jordan High School
    Computer Science Teacher/Building Technologist – Key Middle School
    Educational Background
    Bachelors Degree in Public Administration – Baylor University
    Masters Degree in Educational Leadership – Prairie View A & M University 
    Why did you decide to become a principal?
    I became an administrator because I wanted to impact change on a larger level.  I wanted to take some of the successes I had as a teacher and impart those victories to the students and teachers who I work with.  Moreover, leadership is a call to action for those who value the chances that it offers.  Great leadership can be a gateway to student achievement academically as well as socially.  I chose to be an administrator so that I could not only be a change agent in my community but also to cultivate potential leaders that will continue to carry the torch.
    What inspires you most as an educator?
    The kids inspire me.  I am a product of the same type of environment as they are, so I was once one of these students.  My students can identify with me and I want them to know that they too can become a success beyond Channelview ISD with immeasurable opportunities that can be afforded through a great educational experience.  As I think about the educational challenges I faced as a youth, I reflect on what others taught me—good or bad, and know that my experiences can be channeled to provide positive and powerful insight.  I stand on the shoulders of other great educators, so it stands to reason that I would pay it forward.
    What is your fondest memory as an educator?
    Sitting at my desk grading papers, a student came and stood in my doorway waiting for my attention to be captured by his presence.  I have to admit that I didn’t recognize this student, so I did what most teachers do when faced with searching the gray matter to remember a student, I improvised.  When he said, “Mr. Lathan, do you remember me?” I replied, “I am afraid I don’t but help jog my memory.”  He told me that he wasn’t a student in my class but was one of the young men that I had pulled to the side to talk to them about respecting themselves and others.  He went on to tell me that at that time those words resonated with him since he was going through some challenges at home.  Long story, short…he decided that day that he would be more concerned with behaving as a student leader rather than behaving as a mindless follower.  It blew my mind that my words would have such a significant impact on this young man.  So with that said, this is truly one of my fondest memories of being a teacher.
    What piece of advice would you want your students to remember?
    Where you come from does not have to dictate where and how far you go…“Be” the change you want to see in the world.
    Mark Sims - Joe Frank Campbell Learning Center
    How long have you been principal of your campus? 
    11 years
    Previous administrative and teaching experience
    Assistant Principal – Channelview High School
    Physical Education, Health and Athletic Coach – Galena Park ISD
    Educational Background
    Bachelors Degree – North Texas State University
    Masters Degree in Education -- Stephen F. Austin State University
    Why did you decide to become a principal?
    I wanted grow professionally in the educational field and have a greater impact on students.
    What inspires you most as an educator?
    My personal faith is the greatest inspiration that I have.  Helping and teaching others to have hope is the driving force of my life.

    What is your fondest memory as an educator? 
    Anytime that I have former students who are now adults that visit or drop me a note to thank me for teaching and guiding them in school are always my greatest memories and personal rewards.  There are too many to only pick one.
    What piece of advice would you want your students to remember?
    There is always someone who cares for you and never settle for "good enough."