Executive Leadership Team

Greg Ollis

Superintendent of Schools
Mike Niemeyer
Assistant Superintendent of Administration
Dr. Don Beck
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
Kris Lynn
Assistant Superintendent of Finance
Administrative Team
William Jennings                                                   
Director of Athletics                                              
Kay Kerr                                                               
Director of Human Resources                                    
Mia Young                                                            
Director of Career and Technical Education                 
Veronica Pasternack                                        
Director of Federal Programs                                     
Jennifer Carnathan
Chief Financial Officer
Jennifer Tunink
Director of Fine Arts                                                
Magdalena Garcia
Director of Bilingual/ESL
Gloria Roach
Director of Special Services
Darrell Cheney
Director of Technology 
David Bienvenu
Director of Nutrition Services
Michael Lyons
Director of Maintenance
Heather Gilpin
Elementary Curriculum Coordinator 
Pam Latiolais
Secondary Curriculum Coordinator 

Patricia Glaeser
District Testing Coordinator/Coordinator of School Improvement 
Mark Kramer
Public Relations Officer
Jared Diehl
Director of Transportation