Miss Pogue's 3rd Grade ELA Classroom

    Important Information: Students will bring home Agendas and Take Home Folders Daily.  The agenda will indicate daily homework, important messages, and grades.  There is also a reading log for each week on the bottom left corner where you will write the number of MINUTES read daily.  This will account for your child's reading homework grade. Parents/guardians may write notes to teacher in agendas as well.  The Take Home Folder will be used to send home newsletters and student work.  Student work will be sent home every nine weeks.  Work that is below a 70 will be stamped, and sent home for you to sign and correct with your child.
    Contact Info- kelly.pogue@cvisd.org phone: 281-452-2880  ext. 1924
    Book Magic


    January 2019

    New Schedule

    Library Mondays Only- Meet there 7:45-8:10

    7:45-8:20- Target Board and unpack.  Pass out materials needed.

    8:20-9:10- Groups/Planning

    9:10-9:40- Go over Target Board and Reading Mini-lesson (Monday Spelling Words)

    9:40-10:30- Writing Block

    10:30-11:05- Guided Reading/Literature Circles/Independent work

    11:05-11:35- Lunch

    11:35-11:50- Recess

    11:50-12:10- Guided Reading/Literature Circles/Independent work

    12:10-12:15- Switch Classes transition time

    12:15-12:45- Target Board and Go over it.  Reading Mini-Lesson

    12:45-1:30- Shine Time

    1:30-2:20- Writing Block

    2:20-3:20- Guided Reading/Literature Circles/Independent work

    3:20- Dismissal/Pack and Stack