• Highpoint East Transportation

    Channelview ISD students attending Highpoint East for a Discipline Alternative Educational Placement are required to ride Channelview ISD transportation. Highpoint students are not allowed to transport themselves, nor be transported by a parent or other adult.

    Channelview ISD bus will pick up all students attending Highpoint East at the old Channelview ISD Administration building located at 1403 Sheldon Rd. according to the following schedule.


    • Students may arrive at the pick-up location no earlier than 7:15 am.
    • The bus will leave for Highpoint at 7:40 am.


    • Bus will drop students off at approximately 3:20 pm.
    • All students must be picked up or leave the area by 3:45 pm each day

    District security provided by the Harris County Precint 3 Constables office will only be present during the times outlined in the schedule above. It is very important to abide strictly by the schedule above in order to ensure the safety of all students.