• Special Recognitions - March 2019

    March Students of the Month
     A. Saldana
    Aiden Saldana (Barrett-Lee Early Childhood Center) and Board Member Raquel Dobbins
     A. Chavez
    Ahyleen Chavez (Harvey Brown Elementary) and Board Member Steven Dennis
     A. Cano-Herrera
    Andrea Cano-Herrera (Viola Cobb Elementary) and Board Member Patrick Lacy
     P. Hernandez
    Paulina Hernandez (Crenshaw Elementary) and Board Member Frank Bryant
     A. Gonzalez
    Alayna Gonzalez (Hamblen Elementary) and Board Member Pastor Kent Wilson
    S. Hidalgo
    Stephanie Hidalgo (McMullan Elementary) and Board Member Raquel Dobbins
     Y. Alvarez
    Yiselle Alvarez (Schochler Elementary) and Board Member Steven Dennis
    J. Gallegos
    Jose Gallegos (Anthony Aguirre Junior High) and Board Member Pastor Kent Wilson
     V. Hernandez
    Vanessa Hernandez (Channelview High School) and Board Member Keith Liggett
    Not Pictured/Unable to Attend: Ayla Smith (DeZavala Elementary), Nephelee Garza (Alice Johnson Junior High), Caden Medina (Kolarik Ninth Grade Center), and Isabel Thierry Muro (Joe Frank Campbell Learning Center).
    Anthony Aguirre Junior High 8th Grade Basketball
    Aguirre BBall
    Anthony Aguirre Junior High School’s 8th-grade basketball team has secured the title of district champs for the 2018-2019 season.  Way to go Bulldogs!