• Tax Information
    • CISD accepts the following payment types:
      • Personal and Business Checks
      • Money Orders
      • Cashier's Checks
      • Cash
      • E-checks
      • Debit or Credit Cards
      • Please make payments payable to Channelview ISD
    • Tax Statements (bills) are mailed in October of the current tax year or soon thereafter. You have until January 31st to pay this bill without any penalty or interest. If a taxpayer has not received their tax statement by November St they can call the tax office to have one faxed or mailed to them.
    • Unpaid taxes become delinquent on February St. Penalty and interest will be applied to each month the account remains unpaid.
    • Taxpayers can make checks payable to CISD Tax Office.
    • Please include the CISD account number on all checks if possible or send the printed statement with your payment. This will ensure proper posting of payments.
    • Channelview ISD will accept payment for the amount of taxes due including any penalty and interest that may be due at the time payment is rendered. Channelview ISD does not accept partial payments on current year taxes.
    • Channelview ISD honor U.S. Postal Service Postmarks, metered mail dates will not be considered. If you are mailing your payment on December 31st or January 31st, the district suggests you have the Post Office hand stamp the date on your envelope to ensure a valid postmark. The same applies for the end of each month thereafter.
    • Texas Property Tax Code Sec 31.01 states that failure to receive a bill does not change the due date or waive the penalty and interest. It is the property owner's responsibility to know when taxes are due. The district will make a reasonable attempt to mail tax statements to the address provided to us by Harris County Appraisal District. If ownership changes or mailing address changes have not been made with the Harris County Appraisal District, you may want to do so immediately, to ensure that all bills will be mailed to the correct owner and address. As stated earlier, the Harris County Appraisal District is the only authority that can change CISD tax records.
    • Please note that Channelview I.S.D. collects it's own taxes and does not collect taxes for any other taxing entity.

    Mailing address for payments:

    CISD - Tax Office
    828 Sheldon Road
    Channelview, TX 77530
    Channelview ISD currently grants the following exemptions:
    • State Residential Homestead: 25,000
    • State Disabled Person: 10,000(Does not apply if over 65 is taken)
    • State Over 65: 10,000
    • Local Option Over 65: 30,000
    5-Year Tax Rate History
    1. 2019-1.357
    2. 2018-1.396
    3. 2017-1.396
    4. 2016-1.396
    5. 2015-1.415
    New Property Owner
    As a new property owner, taxpayers should contact Harris County Appraisal District to ensure that new ownership is recorded and verify the correct mailing address. Also, taxpayers should check the property value and apply for any exemptions that they may be entitled to. This may or may not have been done at closing, but it is in your best interest to verify that these things were done. If you have purchased a new home at any time during the year, you will be responsible for paying the taxes. Do not assume that the Title Company, Mortgage Company, or previous owner paid the taxes. If your mortgage company is suppose to be paying your taxes, you will want to verify that indeed they did set up an escrow account for you and that they are aware of all the taxing entities that will be taxing your property. Taxes vary from state to state and many mortgage companies are not familiar with Texas taxes and may inadvertently overlook some taxes, especially school taxes. School taxes are usually the highest taxes so it is in your best interest to ensure your mortgage company is aware of all taxing entities. Residents of Channelview typically have three (3) taxing entities: ISD, MUD, and County.
    Paying Your Own Taxes
    If the taxpayer had a mortgage company paying their taxes in the past or has purchased a home in which the mortgage company was paying the prior taxpayers taxes, and you will be paying your own taxes, you will want to call all of your tax offices and have them change the mortgage code to "owner" or remove the mortgage code. This ensures that the tax bills will be mailed to you, despite who may request your bill. Sometimes mortgage companies do not update their files regularly, and may unknowingly request your tax bill. You have until January 31st to make payment without penalty and interest. Some taxpayers pay their tax bill by December 31st, for income tax purposes.
    Mortgage Company Pays Your Taxes
    In the state of Texas any Tax Agent, Mortgage Co., or Tax Service must request your tax bill annually, even if they had requested your tax bill in the prior years. If your mortgage company requests your tax bill, the original bill will be sent directly to the mortgage company. If your mortgage company did not request your bill prior to printing, the original tax bill will go to the property owner. Sometimes mortgage companies do not request the tax bills until after we print and mail the original tax bills. We will honor any mortgage company's request for a tax bill. If you receive a bill and your mortgage company is paying your taxes, you should write your loan number on the bill and forward it to your mortgage company's escrow tax department. By doing this, you can confirm that your mortgage company has received your bill.

    Attention Mortgage Company
    Written request for tax bills must be received in our office no later than August 31st to ensure timely mailing of requested bills. All tax bills not requested by that date will be sent to the property owner. If you request a tax bill and do not pay that tax bill, you are required to forward that tax bill to the property owner within 30 days of receiving the bill.