• Mr. Hudgson's  Third Grade Class
    YEAR 2017-2018
    Reading is the Key to Learning
    Welcome to Mr. Hudgson's Third Grade Bilingual Class Website.
    My planning time is from 10:35 A.M. until 11:10 A.M. the telephone of the school is 281-452-2880. Just call and leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.If you want to send me a message by internet, my address is: gene.hudgson@cvisd.org.  Looking forward to hear from you.
    Bienvenidos a la pagina de internet de la clase de Mr.Hudgson.  Si requeren comunicarse con este servidor el telefono a llamar es:281-452-2880. Si prefiere escribirme en el correo electronico, puede dirigirse a mi direccion la cual es: gene.hudgson@cvisd.org  Si desea programar una conferencia puede comunicarse conmigo.

    Class Rules
    Listen When some is talking
    Keep hands and feet to yourselves
    Raise your hands when need to share ideas
    Work and do not disturb others