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    Tanya L. Oman, RN

    Nurse Tanya


    910 Deerpass

    Channelview, TX  77530


    Office #   281-452-2995

    Fax #   281-452-3709


    email:  tanya.oman@cvisd.org

Tips From the School Nurse

  • 1.  All medication MUST be brought to the clinic by an adult with the appropriate Channelview ISD medication form.  Some chronic conditions require a completed packet that includes a medical plan from the prescribing doctor.  PLEASE do not place medicine in a child's backpack as this can be a life-threatening mistake.  The district medication guidelines are very specific and can be located on the district website in the Student Handbook.


    2.  Immunization documentation is not negotiable.  Channelview ISD must be in compliance with Texas Law.  Please respond promptly when notified of immunization discrepancies so that children do not miss any education time.  We realize that this can be a time consuming errand; however, we much show documentation to the state, when requested, regarding our students' health records.


    3.  Children having or suspected of having a contagious condition must go home as stated in the Student Handbook. Students are not allowed to attend school while contagious.


    4.  Please pick up your child PROMPTLY from the clinic when notified by the nurse to decrease the likelihood of spreading illnesses.  Children waiting for extended periods in the clinic are more likely to be exposed to communicable diseases.


    5.  Children will be triaged and sent back to class after first aid care and minor complaints for optimal learning.  Parents will be called when necessary; and as a courtesy.  We care about our students and want what is best for their safety and the safety of others.  Health issues can change quickly.  If you have a concern that your child should have been sent to the nurse, please communicate with the teachers and/or nurse to facilitate a relationship of trust.  A child can spike a fever suddenly or hurt a body part that at the time of assessment was minor but can become more of a concern as time passes.  Please keep this in mind as we work together to create a community of healthy and happy children.  Also, it is very important fo us to TEACH the children independence and self-responsibility. The children are encouraged to problem solve and take ownership of their personal needs as much as possible.  Putting a Bandaid on a child is helpful; but, teaching a child to advocate and care for their bodies on their own will help them now and in the future.


    6.  Help us be proactive in our efforts to prevent lice breakouts.  We work tirelessly to inform our children of healthy habits here at school.  During the school year and throughout the summer, check your child's hair weekly (especially if your child is scratching their head).


    7.  Notify the nurse of any change in your child's' medication, diagnosis, or illness that occur during the school year.  Correspond by email, phone and/or fax.


    8.  Our goal is to expedite healthcare to promote maximum instruction time.... thus learning!