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  • Grandparent After-Care Application

    The grandparent and parent/legal guardian of a nonresident student requesting admission due to after-school care provided by the grandparent are required to submit a Grandparent After-School Care Application to the Superintendent or designee.

  • Parental Assumption

    Application for Determination of Residence of a Minor Living Apart From the Parent, Guardian or Other Person Having Lawful Control under Court Order.   

  • Limited Open Enrollment (includes Interdistrict Transfers)

    This application is for non-residents of Channelview ISD, including employees, who would like their child(ren) to attend school in Channelview ISD.  NO Pre-K.   


  • Intradistrict Transfer

    This application is to be completed by the parent or guardian of any student living in the Channelview ISD school zone, that would like to request a transfer from one in-district school to another in-district school. Kinder - 8th grade ONLY! 


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