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  • Limited Open Enrollment (includes Interdistrict Transfers)

    This application is for non-residents of Channelview ISD, including employees, who would like their child(ren) to attend school in Channelview ISD.  

    ***Upon receiving your approval letter, you will still be required to register your student.***



  • Intradistrict Transfer

    This application is to be completed by the parent or guardian of any student living in the Channelview ISD school zone, that would like to request a transfer from one in-district school to another in-district school. Kinder - 8th grade ONLY! 


  • Parental Assumption

    Application for Determination of Residence of a Minor Living Apart From the Parent, Guardian or Other Person Having Lawful Control under Court Order. 



  • Grandparent After-Care Application

    The grandparent and parent/legal guardian of a nonresident student requesting admission due to after-school care provided by the grandparent are required to submit a Grandparent After-School Care Application to the Superintendent or designee.



  • Transfer Appeal

    If you are not satisfied with the decision regarding a transfer request, a Student Transfer Appeal may be submitted to the Student Admissions Department.  Appeals must be submitted within five (5) working days of the initial denial.  All appeals will be reviewed by the Assistant Superintendents.  Appeal decisions are FINAL and cannot be appealed.




  • If you have any questions or concerns, you may email or call us at: