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    ***If your student(s) are currently attending a school in Channelview ISD, DO NOT COMPLETE the NEW REGISTRATION FORM. You are required to complete the Annual Update for your student(s) in Skyward.   Please check your email for username and password reset link.

    ***¿Está el estudiante inscrito actualmente en Channelview ISD? Si?   Este estudiante se considera un estudiante que regresa. Deberá completar una actualización anual para este estudiante.

    SELECT the Skyward Link below to begin the New Student Enrollment Process.
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  • Welcome to Channelview ISD! You will be able to register your new student using Channelview's online registration system powered by Skyward.

    A new student is defined as new to Channelview ISD and having never attended a school in Channelview ISD, or a previous Channelview ISD student that withdrew and is re-enrolling.

    Steps to Register your New Student:
    1. Complete the 2022-2023 New Student Registration online form.
    2. The following documentation must be uploaded into the online application, emailed to the campus registration staff, or delivered to campus, at your appointment time, before the enrollment process is complete.
      • For students residing in a house, the lease, deed, or a current utility (gas, water, electricity) bill will suffice and must be current. (Cell phone bills, cable bills, credit card bills are not acceptable).
      • For students residing in an apartment, a lease containing parent and student names or a letter from the apartment manager is required, as well as a current utility (gas, water, electricity) bill.  (Cell phone bills, cable bills, credit card bills are not acceptable).    
      • If both parent and student live with a relative or friend in Channelview ISD whose residence is not an apartment, the parent and the person with whom they reside must submit a notarized Verification of Address affidavit.  
      • Child’s Proof of Age and Proof of Identity
      • Parent/Guardian’s driver’s license or passport for identification purposes
      • Immunization records - must be signed or stamped by the physician or his/her designee or public health personnel (including electronic MyChart records)
      • Proof of residency in Channelview ISD - (All proofs of residency must contain the enrolling guardian's name).
      • Social Security Card
    3. Previous school records and school’s mailing address (withdrawal form, report card, ect.)
    4. Standardized test results, if available.
    5. For Open Enrollment applicants (this includes interdistrict transfers and intradistrict transfers), please visit the Student Transfer site.