• Cycle 2 Teacher Leadership Grant


  • Channelview ISD Awarded Teacher Leadership Grant

    Channelview ISD has been awarded a Cycle 2 Teacher Leadership Grant from the Texas Education Agency in the amount of $20,000. In 2019, the Texas House of Representatives passed House Bill 3 related to the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TEC Sec. 48.112). This bill provides for monetary compensation based on the designation of high-performing teachers as master, exemplary, or recognized based on statewide performance including National Board Certified (NBC) Teachers automatically earning a recognized designation. The purpose of the Cycle 2 Teacher Leadership Grant program is to facilitate teacher leadership in three different areas: (a) instructional leaders (grant pathway #1), (b) National Board Certification (grant pathway #2), and (c) policy leadership (grant pathway #3). Channelview chose to support pathway #2: National Board Certification with the grant funding awarded.  

    The grant funding will allow the district to support 15 teachers in their pursuit of a National Board Certification. Additionally, the district is utilizing supplemental funding to support an additional three teachers as a part of the district’s first NBC cohort.  National Board Certification is the most respected professional certification available in education and provides numerous benefits to teachers, students, and schools. It was designed to develop, retain and recognize accomplished teachers and to generate ongoing improvement in schools nationwide. There are 25 certification areas available to teachers. The pursuit of a National Board Certification is rigorous and includes four components that typically take two years to achieve. These components include (a) a computer-based assessment on content knowledge, (b) portfolio evidence on differentiation and instruction, (c) portfolio evidence focused on teaching practice and learning environment, and (d) portfolio evidence connected to effective and reflective practices. The portfolio components are meant as an opportunity for each candidate to demonstrate their skills through quantitative and qualitative means. Under the guidance of a cohort facilitator, NBC mentors, and coaches the district’s cohort will be provided with ongoing support to help them to achieve this respected professional distinction. The district is partnering with Bloomboard as a part of this process. 
    We would like to congratulate the 18 members of our first NBC Cohort who range as teachers from pre-kindergarten through high school: Kristina Alvarez, Maren Bigney, Faith Cory, Julie Edwards, Panchito Fontillas, Charlie Hunter, Arianna Martinez-Moody, Brooke McCauley, Jenelle Million, Patrick Preston, Kattherine Rincon, Kendria Russell, Marilu Silva, Krista Simpson, Lindsay Smith, Blanca Suarez, Charlotte Tarbell, and Jennifer Thurik.