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  • from Ms. Hines to ALL of her students:  Go to the Edgenuity website and begin working on the Statistics class that you have been assigned!

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    ***PARENTS! for weekly Edgenuity progress report emails, email me at:

             My name is Earlene Hines, and I am a math teacher at
                                 Endeavor High School
                                               which is located at 915 Sheldon Road 
                                            in the Joe Frank Campbell Learning Center
    Many times, students can benefit from a little extra help, therefore I am happy to provide
     free tutoring on most Tuesdays from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.
    Students who wish to come to my tutorials are responsible for:
    • checking with me to make sure I have not had to cancel for some reason
    • arranging transportation to leave our campus by 5 pm at the latest
    • arriving as close to 4 pm as possible WITH QUESTIONS.

    Sometimes, students come to tutorials just to continue on their work, in which case the student may or may not have questions.

    If you wish to talk to me, do one of the following two things:
    1)   Call our office at 281.457.0086 and leave a message with your contact information.
           I will call you back the next day, or even earlier if I get the message before my conference or before I leave for the day.
    2)   email me at:
        I will email you back the next day, or even earlier if I read my messages before my conference period.  
  • Information for students

    Hines – Teacher Statement – March 17, 2020

    Cell:  281-686-5789 (text or leave a message during school hours…I will call you back as soon as I can)

    Email: (I will check during school hours 8-4, but mainly between 8-12)

    Hi guys!  Hope you had a great Spring Break!

    I have made up some packets for you for Unit 4.  The good news is that I am giving you the worked out examples WITH THE ANSWERS!

    You will have to read the examples and figure out how they did it by yourself.  You may ask me specific questions if you get stuck. Please try very hard to figure it out before you ask me.

    So here is what I recommend that you do.  Read Example 1, try to do it by yourself, then look at the answer.

    Once you have figured it out, then look at the EXERCISES at the end of Unit 4 and do all of the problems that appear to match Example 1.

    Then proceed to Example 2.  Repeat the same process, which is once you have figured it out, go to the Exercises and do all the problems that appear to match.

    You have 9 total Exercises, so should do AT LEAST 2 exercises per day in order to be finished in 10 days.  Of course, you have the weekends too.  

    You must show your work NEATLY as I will be checking it.  Just giving an answer without justifying how you got it will not be acceptable.  I may ask you to take a photo and send it to me.

    Stay well!


    Earlene Hines

    P.S.  You may check your Edgenuity account, and if you are set up on Statistics B on Edgenuity and have access to internet and a device,  then do Edgenuity and disregard the paper assignment.

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  • ACC Statistics Information

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