secondary curriculum


    The Secondary Curriculum Division supports campuses in their efforts to provide the highest quality learning opportunities for all students. Our office is eager to provide assistance with:


    TEKS-based Curriculum & Instruction

    • differentiated instruction
    • effective instruction for gifted/struggling students     
    • reading/writing to learn strategies
    • writing process instruction
    • reading comprehension for struggling students
    • identification of effective instructional materials
    • high-level problem solving
    • Pre-AP/AP courses
    • developing curriculum-based assessments
    • disaggregating performance data
    • using performance data to plan instruction


    Our department supports any of the above areas by providing:


    • staff development
    • model-teaching
    • grade-level/subject academies
    • walk-throughs
    • team meetings
    • literature/book studies
    • program facilitation
    • mentoring
    • grant guidance
    • and much, much more!

    Furthermore, we encourage school/community partnerships and family participation in the education of each child.


    Secondary Curriculum and Instruction Contact Information:

    Pam Latiolais

    Secondary Curriculum Coordinator






    Tracye Thomas

    Secondary English Language Arts Coach

    281-860-9825 ext. 1333



    Kirstin Days

    Secondary Math Coach

    281-860-9825 ext.3428



    Laura Trevino

    Secondary Science Coach

    281-860-9825 ext. 1331



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