Multiplication -


    Welcome to the Math Resource Page.  Here you will find Math related material that might help you while you are working at home. 

    There is a multiplication chart,  a 120 number grid, and a place value chart, just click on the link and it will open.  I have also attached several links that will take you to fun math sites that will provide enrichment support for what you are doing in class.
    This site will provide multiplication support for the students that are just learning to the ones that just need some practice.  
     You have to register to use this site, there is a 14-day free trial and after that, there is a fee of $9.99 a month.   We use GOMath as a classroom and lesson support book in the classroom.  It is provided through the district and is used only as a support tool.  However, this website is good for all students and allows the student to practice Math skills in a fun and inviting way.  (Please keep in mind that this is a paid site and is not provided by the school.)
     A good place to start for 3rd - 5th grade.  The site has games but it also provides enrichment for specific content under the Practice Tab.  Examples and explanations of dividing a decimal with a whole number, converting fractions to decimals, and place value with decimals among other important contextual math material.
    The Dr. is in.  He provides an answer to questions that students post.  He also posts all questions and responses with examples on his site.  It is conducted by a Professor from Drexel University.  The student can also use links to find additional practices based on grade level and content.
    This website has Reading, Science, and Math activities and is based on grade level.  You do not have to register to use it.  It can be used on handheld devices as well.
    This site provides a great way for students to gain additional enrichment by playing games that are rich in math.  The site also provides videos that are produced by actual classroom teachers.  The student can watch the video and then practice the content that is presented.  Sometimes the student needs to see it presented in a different way in order for them to gain a full understanding of the actual context being taught in the content.
    This is a site that helps the student build an understanding of finance through the use of games and interactive activities the student can engage in to gain real-world experience without going into the real world.  It is useful for all ages and grade levels.  It seems to be free, which is what we all like to hear. I have visited it several times over the last few months and have never paid for any of the items I have used.  It also did not require me to set up an account.