Ms. Dempsey's
     Super Class!
                                                  Welcome to First Grade!
                                                                 Learning is our superpower!!

     Boy has this year gone by fast!!  It's hard to believe that it is already half over!!  We still have tons to learn before we are ready to be second graders so I would very much appreciate your help with a few things.  Together we can make sure your child has mastered the skills he needs to be successful!!!


    1.  Listen to your child read for at least 20 minutes every night.  Study the words in the Sight Word

         & Fluency booklet, too.  Be sure to sign the reading recording form after you read.


    2.  Practice math facts.  (Addition to 20 and subtraction from 20 or less.)


    3.  Check your child's binder every day and sign his/her agenda.  Correct any mistakes your child

         may have made on his classwork or complete any unfinished work.


    4.  Study your spelling words.  Write them, put them in ABC order and write a sentence with each

         word.  Your child should be able to write a simple sentence with correct capitalization and



    5.   Remind your child to follow the school rules and always do his best work.  Remind them

          that one student who exhibits "trustworthiness" will be chosen as our Early Act  

           First Knight medal recipient!!!   


    • Hello!  I am Ms. Dempsey.  I am your child's first grade teacher!  I know that together we can make this a SUPER year for your child!
    • Please make sure your child has his binder at school everyday.
    • Please sign your child's agenda each evening.
    • Homework is stapled to your child's weekly newsletter and is due on Friday.
    • Your child will also have  "practice" every evening.  He needs to study his vocabulary words, practice writing to 120 and practice writing his name, letters and numbers. There are practice pages in your child's binder.  He/she can use the dry erase marker in his binder to practice these skills. He/she can write on top of the page protectors and simply erase after you check  his work so he can practice again.
                                          Our Lunch time is 12:05 -12:35
                                                                    Conference time:  10:50-11:40