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     Harvey Brown Elementary Memory Book

      camera      Memory Books will be in by the end of May!       camera     
    Some items that may be featured in the Memory Book:
                   Science Fair       Music/Choir       Art Work
    science           music             art        
    Kindergarten Graduation       Library Events         Class pictures         Miscellaneous Pictures
     KG Grad         LIbrary           kids            Misc
    Interviews with teachers & students          Family Fun Nights
                      I love my teacher                halloween            thanksgiving             santa new year                 valentine's                          leprechan          fall   spring        summer

        This year we have a group of 5th graders who will be
        "The Bobcat Crew"  
    They will be going around & snapping pictures around campus to help compile
    lots of memories of the school year! 

     A race maybe?
    -So Smile if you see them around!

    Any questions or comments please contact me anytime at