• Course Outline 
    Mathematics - Grade 5 
     Daily Routine: 

    Most lessons will begin with a problem of the day to help reinforce problem solving strategies. Homework from the previous lesson will be reviewed and assessed to determine if the children are ready to progress to the next lesson or if review is needed. Children who have mastered a lesson may receive work on the same topic but at a more challenging level. 
    Quizzes will be administered periodically to assess progress as well as tests at the end of each chapter or topic. 
    Classwork/ Quizzes/ Projects 40%
    Homework 5% 
    Tests 55% 
    Homework Policy: 
    Homework will be assigned most nights. Students are expected to copy all assignments into their agendas and complete the assignment on time. Homework handed in a day late will receive a 10 pt. penalty; two days late will lose 20 points and after that, it will not be accepted. Extra help will be available before school and during groups.  If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to get the assignment as soon as possible and hand it in the next day. 
    Behavior Management Plan:
    First offense: I will conference with the student. 
    Second offense: The student will receive a classroom consequence for their action.  This card will be send home on Fridays to be signed and returned on Mondays.  If conduct card is lost, student will receive a Unsatisfactory in conduct.
    Third offense: The parent will be contacted by phone or email. If necessary, a conference will be scheduled. 
    Fourth offense: A written referral will be sent to the office for further action.