• My name is Holly Hightower Coffey and I teach Communication Applications at Channelview ISD. I am originally from a small town in West Texas called Lamesa, TX. I attended Texas Tech University and graduated with a double major in Communication Studies and Spanish. I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Education at the University of St. Thomas in Houston. This is my third year to teach Communication Applications at Channelview schools and I could not be more excited. Each semester the curriculum is slightly modified to give my students an entirely unique experience in the world of communication.


    Communication Applications is a course designed to help develop the skills necessary to become an effective communicator for social and professional life. Building stronger communication skills can help unlock the door to better understanding and development. This course will aid in building communication skills through expressing our thoughts and feelings effectively and understandably. It is my hope, as the instructor, that students will learn skills and lessons in this class that they will be able to integrate into real life situations and that they may feel they have gained a better understanding and appreciation for individuals who may differ from themselves.