• National Technical Honor Society

    Membership Requirements


    CISD NTHS Standards

    Academic Record – CTE

    NTHS candidates must have a 90.0 average in all CTE classes taken in high school.

    Academic Record – Core

    NTHS candidates must have an 80.0 average in all core classes taken in high school.


    *** 5 extra points shall be added per semester per AP, Pre-AP, Dual Credit, Honors, GT course (this includes Technical Dual Credit)

    CTE Classes

    NTHS candidates must have successfully completed 3 or more semesters of CTE courses in high school

    Grade Classification

    NTHS candidates must be classified as Juniors or Seniors

    Career and Technical Student Organization

    NTHS candidates must be an active member of a CTSO


    NTHS members should be good, honest, responsible student-citizens who have made a personal commitment to excellence and who agree to uphold the NTHS standards.


    NTHS candidates must meet the attendance standards set by CISD.

    Membership Dues

    Members will submit a one-time $25 membership fee.  Annual dues ($5) will also be assessed.



    Selection Process

    1.       Transcripts will be pulled and grades calculated for all CTSO members.

    2.       A list of qualifying students will be sent to all CTE teachers.

    3.       CTE teachers will check ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for each student they have worked with.

    4.       A committee of 3 to 5 CTE teachers and/or the CTE Director will vote on any student(s) given votes of ‘no’.