1. Obey procedures and follow directions immediately.
    2. Be Safe - Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    3. Be respectful - Show kindness to yourself, your classmates, and your teachers.
    4. Be responsible - Come prepared to participate (tennis shoes and positive attitude).
    Verbal Praise; High-Five; Positive Notes (in student agenda); Sunshine Call to Parent; Stamps; Stickers; Treasure Box; After School Gym Time (after school with parent permission - by invitation); Award Certificates; Tokens and Prizes
    INDIVIDUAL CONSEQUENCES (if rules are broken):
    1. Warning - verbal or non-verbal
    2. Time away from group (5-10 minutes); &Talk with teacher
    3. Time away from group for remaining class period; Teacher notifies parent (in student agenda): & Student name on behavior report
    During a 9 week period, if student's name is on behavior report...
    1 Time = Nothing happens
    2 Times = Loss of Fun Friday, limited choice activity instead (silent exercise on assigned space)
    3 Times = Teacher attempts to phone parent; Loss of after school gym time (no invite).
    4 Times = Office referral with another teacher attempt to phone parent*
    * Severe Behavior Claus: Student sent to principal with referral immediately for refusing to comply with class rules and consequences.
    Stars on Class Chart for Treasure Box (K-2); Choice Days in Gym (K-5) - rewarded every other Friday; All Class Gym Invite (after School, with parent permission - 3-5th)
    Loss of Stars on Class Chart; All Class Limited Choice Activity (walk line in silence); Loss of Choice Day
    Additional notes: 
    Students must wear tennis shoes or sneaker type shoes (closed toes and closed back with flat heels) and proper clothing on P.E. days. For students' safety, sandals, heels, or dress shoes are not allowed. We will have indoor and outdoor activities which will require running. Your child may either wear his/her P.E. shoes to school, or bring them in a backpack to change into before P.E. Girls wearing dresses or skirts need to wear shorts or tights underneath. Points will be deducted from a student's participation grade if he/or she in unable to participate due to inappropriate shoes or dress. 
    If your child is ill, injured, or not feeling well, please send a doctor's note to allow him/her to be excused from P.E. A parent note is good for two P.E. days. After two P.E. days, a doctor's note is required in order to excuse your child from P.E.
    We expect that our students will:
        • learn
        • have fun
        • try their best
        • wear tennis shoes and proper P. E. attire
        • cooperate with others
        • be safe in all their actions
        • help their fellow students
        • stay on-task
        • be polite and respect teachers and students
        • pay attention to the teachers