Having been referred to as the Queen of Recycling at our school, I am happy to say that our Crenshaw community of teachers, staff, parents, and students is made up of many who also believe that reusing/recycling are important to our planet.

    • Economically, it makes sense to find new uses for the things we might throw away.
    • Creatively, it is challenging and fun to find new ways to use things.

    I feel happy when I have students come into the art room excitedly holding out to me bottle caps, cardboard, etc. that we can use in art projects. I know that they feel good about contributing to our class, and to our world, with each reuse of "trash" that they make.

    To the right is an incomplete list of some recycled materials I would appreciate everyone sending with their student's to school.  The list is only limited by our imagination! We do NOT use sharp metal or glass for safety reasons.

    FOUND OBJECT LIST is available to the left. Just click on the tab.

    • Cardboard that are too "degradable" don't work well. Also, boxes for frozen food are too "waxy" or slick.  The hardened glue peels right off of the surface.
    • If in doubt, send it and we can sort it at school.

    Thanks for all your support of our art program at Crenshaw. I look forward to creating art with our students in the 2017-2018 school year.


    Mrs. Carlin