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    Class rules
    1. Look, listen, and follow directions.
    2. Raise your hand and wait quietly to be called on.
     3. Be respectful.
    4. Sit on your seat with your feet on the floor.
    5. Stay on task and do your best.
    (as appropriate to situation)
    Conference with student
    Conduct cuts
    Restricted recess

    Change of seating
     Assigned seating in lunchroom
    Notes/phone calls to parent
    Trip to office
    Incentive program
     As the 2019-2020 school year begins, we welcome you and your children to our classes. We have a year of hard work and good times ahead of us. We say thank you in advance for your support and help in seeing that your children have a successful second grade school year.
    Each week we reward positive behavior with "Fun Friday."
    At the end of each nine weeks, those students with all Es in conduct will be treated to a special treat or event. Other rewards will be given for making good choices throughout the grading period.
    At the end of the year, those students who have earned an E in every spot on the report card will be invited to enjoy a special celebration.
    We know all of our students can make the right behavior choices.
    Please call if you have questions or concerns.