• Algebra 2 Syllabus

    Channelview High School   Ms. Jones, Room 215

    Algebra 2         priscilla.jones@channelview.isd.esc4.net

    Conference:  4th Period, 9:50 – 10:37 

    Welcome to Algebra 2.  This document details the expectations for the class and should be kept at the front of your binder.

    Daily Supplies

    • 1 or 1 ½ inch binder --- Only Math assignments should be in this binder.
    • 1 Composition Book
    • Notebook paper
    • Graph paper
    • Pencils and erasers
    • Checking pen (preferably red)
    • Highlighter
    • 5 Dividers (Colored Paper may be used to separate sections)

    Class Rules

    • Enter the room quietly and begin working on the Warm Up assignment.  
    • Be respectful of others - keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    • Gum, food, and drinks ARE NOT ALLOWED.
    • Remain in your seat and on task – give 100% effort each day.
    • Observe school rules (Electronic Devices, Dress code, ID Badge, etc.)

    Violations of class rules or class disruptions will result in the assignment of a thirty minute After School Detention.  Failure to complete the assigned After School Detention will result in a referral and detention with the Administrator.

    Grading Policy

    • Daily Work 50% Warm Ups, Class work, Quizzes, Home Enrichment
    • Major Tests 35% May include Binder Checks and Projects
    • CBA 15% Cumulative Exam

    • Semester Exams will be 15% of the semester grade

    Tutorials - Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:15 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

    Heading for Assignments

    Firstname  Lastname Pd ____


    • Write your calculator number in the RIGHT Margin.
    • Incorrect or Incomplete headings will result in point deductions.
    • All work must be done in pencil.  Problem solving steps must be shown and box your answer.

    Daily Warm Ups

    We will begin each class with a daily Warm Up.  Begin immediately after entering the room. Warm Ups must be turned in 5 minutes after the tardy bell rings.  Warm Ups will be graded.  Your best 3 warm up grades will be used each week. 

    Homework Enrichment

    Homework Enrichment will be assigned 3 – 5 days each week.   Late work turned in will earn a maximum score of 70 per district policy.  If you are absent on the day a home enrichment assignment is due, it is due the first day that you return to school.  

    All work must be done in pencil.  Problem solving steps must be shown and box your answer.

    The homework enrichment is due within 5 minutes of the tardy bell.  After 5 minutes, home enrichment will be marked LATE.  If you do not turn in the Home Enrichment assignment, you must sign the Home Enrichment Non-compliance Form.  Signing this form will allow you to turn in Late Home Enrichment on the next day.  Failure to turn in Home Enrichment will result in a grade of zero.

    Late Work Policy

    Late work will be accepted one day after assignments are due.  The maximum score on any late assignment will be a 70.  

    Make Up Policy

    It is the student’s responsibility to ask for and turn in any missed assignments due to absences.  All Make Up assignments are due within 5 days after returning to class.  Assignments that were given prior to the absence must be turned in on the first day back.  Class notes will be available during tutorials.  

    Retest Policy

    Any student who scores below 70% on a test may be eligible for ONE retest.  Before a student is allowed to retest, he/she MUST attend a tutorial session for re-teaching.  Retests are given during tutorials.  Students have one week after the original test to complete a retest.  Quizzes and CBAs do not qualify for retests.  


    Your binder will be graded each nine weeks.  You are expected to take notes daily.

    Insert your Assignment Sheet behind this document.

    All assignments and notes should be arranged in chronological order. 

    Divide your binder into the following sections:

    1 Warm Ups       2 Notes     3 Class work 4 Homework       5 Quizzes / Tests

    Your binder should include notes in Cornell Style for each day of school.  

    • Notes should be dated each day and include a title for the topic discussed.
    • Complete the Summary section each day.  This is a personal summary of what you learned or any concerns that you may have.  You may write definitions in your own words in this section. 
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