• Services Provided

    Individual Counseling:  We do brief individual counseling as needed. Students may refer themselves or they may be referred by a teacher, administrator or parent. Parents may drop in or call for an appointment.
    Mediation: We mediate situations among students to help prevent discipline problems before they occur, or before they escalate.
    Parent ConferencesWe am available to meet with parents/guardians to discuss concerns about students success and well-being.

    Group CounselingWe will be offering group counseling services throughout the school year. Groups will be made up of 4-6 students with a common concern. Students will be pulled from elective periods, not core classes.

    Teacher Concerns: We will be available daily to meet with teachers to discuss concerns and strategies for the students in their classrooms.

    Community Referrals: The counselors refer students and families to the appropriate community resources as needed.
    College and Career Counseling:We will be available to talk to students about options for advanced education and career choices.