• Technology Lingo
    Want to know what your kids are talking about when the email, text, or IM? This site will decode all those abbreviations for you.

    Internet Safety
    Tips on internet safety are given here. It is important for parents to have an understanding of what their children are doing on-line, there is a tab titled "Learn about the Issues" that is helpful for parents.

    Drug Facts
    This site offers information on a variety of drugs and provides answers for commonly asked questions.

    This site provides information on what adults can do to help kids who are victims of bullies as well as kids who are bullies.

    Teen Attitudes
    This is a fun way to look at research on the science behind teen thinking and the teenage brain.

    Self Injury
    An overview of self-injurious behaviors are included, as well as links to other resources.

    Relationship Violence Resources
    This site will provide you with information about relationship violence. Included on this site is "A Parent's Guide to Teen Dating Violence'

    Talking with Kids
    This site will provide tips for talking with your kids about the difficult topics like sex and drugs.

    Choose To Care
    If you have heard of, or know about something that could harm someone you know it should be reported to school administrators. If you cannot report the administrators you can report it on line confidentially, or call 877-277-3812.