Campus Tours
    At this website you can check out a variety of college campuses all over the country and get information to help you narrow down your choices.

    My Future
    This site provides information on "beyond high school". You can read advice on military options, money questions, living on your own, and get help creating a resume.

    This website provides information on a variety of eating disorders for men and women of all ages including descriptions, signs, and health effects.

    Texas Teen Page
    Teen resource center from the Office of the Attorney General of Texas.

    Relationship Violence
    Click on the "Just for Teens" tab to learn about unhealthy relationships, and browse the facts on relationship and dating violence.

    Reality Check
    This website helps you figure out what it will cost to live on your own. You make choices from what type of car you want, to what kind of place you want to live, and what kind of free time activities you would like to spend money on. It lets you know what your income will need to be to support the way you want to live.

    Choose to Care
    If you know of something that could hurt someone you know you should tell your principal(s), teacher, or counselor. If you cannot tell them in person, Choose to Care allows you to report on-line or by phone confidentially. 877-277-3812

    National Youth Violence Prevention
    This website has resources and information on bullying, dating violence, depression, alcohol abuse, etc.

    Talk Helps
    This website has options for English or Spanish, kids or adults, and provides information on bullying.

    This website is designed to teach kids and teens about bullying. It offers on-line training and resources to learn about ways to stop bullying in your schools.

    Stop Bullying Now
    This is a site designed for students to provide information on bullying, the reasons behind it and how to help stop it.

    This website is information on a group of teen volunteers who are trained to educate their peers on safe internet usage and to stop cyber-bullying.