• Pre-AP / AP Guidelines

    The following are general guidelines and procedures for Pre-AP and AP courses in Channelview ISD. In addition, please see each individual course description outlined in this guide book as each course may have additional prerequisites. A committee has been designated to oversee the Pre-AP/AP Program. The Pre-AP/AP Committee consists of the campus principal and/or designee, counselor and Pre-AP/AP teacher. Students and parents are also encouraged to be a part of the committee. The purpose of the Pre-AP/AP Committee is to:

    • Ensure the implementation of the rigorous standards set by the College Board

    • Meet with students and parents at the end of each 9 week grading period when a student’s grade falls below 75


    To enroll in a Pre-AP or AP course, students must have met the passing standard (satisfactory or advanced) on the previous year’s STAAR tests. This includes: reading, math, science and social studies.

    • To enroll in Pre-AP or AP courses, the student must have passed the preceding course (subject specific) with a minimum yearly average of a 70 in a Pre-AP/AP class or an 80 in a regular class.o For example, if a student takes Pre-AP 7th English and makes an average below 70 in the course, he/she cannot take the next course in the sequence which is Pre-AP English 8th. 
       o Students who do not meet the above criteria may request a meeting with the AP    
          Committee to discuss enrollment.
    • Students must complete a Pre-AP/AP Agreement to be enrolled in a course. A copy of the form will be held by the teacher and by the AP Committee. Students without a valid agreement on file by the end of the 1stgrading period will be exited from the course.

    • Please see the individual course descriptions for additional enrollment prerequisites.
    Exiting the Course:
    A student may exit a Pre-AP or AP course within the first three weeks of the 1stgrading period by making a request through his/her counselor.
    • After the 1stgrading period, a student may only exit the Pre-AP or AP course at the end of the first semester to enroll in the level course of the same subject.

    • Any withdrawals from Pre-AP or AP courses after the first three weeks must be approved by the campus principal.

    • Any time a student exits from a Pre-AP or AP course, his/her grade point scale and transcript information will revert back to the level course.

    • If a student’s average is below a 70 at the end of the first semester, he/she is required to exit the course and enroll in the level course of the same subject.

    • If the course is a one semester course, the student will be required to exit at the end of the 1st / 3rd 9 weeks grading period if his/her average is below a 70.

    • If at the end of the 1st and/or 3rdgrading period a student’s grade falls below a 75, the student and parent will be required to meet with the AP Committee.

    Grading Policy:
    • Pre-AP courses: o Tests will count as 45% of the student’s average. 
       o Daily work will count as 40% of the student’s average. 
       o Nine weeks CBA will count as 15% of the student’s average.

    • AP courses: o Tests will count as 55% of the student’s average. 
       o Daily work will count as 30% of the student’s average. 
        o Nine weeks CBA will count as 15% of the student’s average.
    • Students will have a minimum of 18 grades each 9 weeks, with a minimum of two being test/major grades.

    • Teachers will follow the district handbook policy regarding absences and make-up work.