Mustang Volunteer Program (MVP)

    Mighty Mustangs, the volunteer program for McMullan Elementary, plays an important role in providing a quality education to our 650 students.  Through their commitment, unique talents, caring and expertise, Mustang volunteers, enrich the educational experience for all McMullan students.  Volunteers help extend tax dollars by contributing many hours of work to the school, and most importantly, they help prepare students to become successful citizens in the local, national and international community.

    teacher with children

    The Mustang Volunteer Program is a partnership of dedicated members

    ·          Providing positive adult role models for students

    ·          Fostering relationships that help students become successful learners

    ·          Reinforcing positive attitudes towards learning and problem-solving

    ·          Building self-esteem by motivating students to strive for academic success

    So that students may excel academically and accomplish their dreams and aspirations.

     Student Benefits

    ·          Enriched learning experiences

    ·          Opportunities for explorations

    ·          Additional individualized and personal attention

    ·          Learning reinforcement

    ·          Increased motivation and improved self-esteem

    ·          Positive adult role models

    Volunteer Benefits

    ·          Assisting students to higher achievement

    ·          Learning new skills

    ·          Sharing knowledge and talents

    ·          Being needed and wanted

    ·          Becoming more involved In the school and community

    ·          Providing active support for quality education

    Campus Benefits

    ·          Additional services without additional costs

    ·          Extra teacher time to provide supplemental instruction

    ·          Improved student achievement, attitude and behaviors

    ·          Increased community support

    ·          Parent involvement and cooperation

    ·          Positive public relations and community attitude

    toward the educational system

    Community Benefits

    ·          Higher quality education

    ·          A more responsive school system

    ·          Greater pride and confidence in the educational system

    ·          Better-educated students

    Public schools belong to the public and the education of students requires a coalition of the total community.  Every segment of society benefits from well educated students who become productive, successful citizens.  Together, we can help ensure our students will excel in their endeavors.

    Who Can Volunteer?

    Anyone who cares about education and the children of McMullan Elementary can volunteer.   Mustang Volunteers can include parents, guardians, grandparents, aunts and uncles, community members and any other caring citizens.

    What Can Volunteers Do?
    Mustang Volunteers make contributions to every aspect of the education process.  Many volunteers work directly with teachers and assist in the classroom.  Volunteers can also work with office staff, in the dining room, or library.  They may tutor and/or mentor students in a group or individually. Others make valuable contributions by serving on planning and development committees.
    How Can I Help?

    Any group or individual interested in volunteering should fill out the attached form and return it to McMullan Elementary as soon as possible.  Also, you may contact:

    Karina Saldaña
    School Counselor, Parent Involvement Coordinator