• Accounting I


    Mr. Turnipseed


    Welcome to Accounting I.  This course will provide a general introduction to accounting, emphasizing the need for financial records.    It presents the fundamental accounting equation and its application to accounting procedures.  This course examines the basic steps of the accounting cycle, special journals and ledgers, work sheets, and adjusting and closing entries, special problems in the purchase and sale of merchandise, prepaid items, payrolls, records, and personal income taxes.  This course will also review the use of calculators.


    Since this is a business class, you will be expected to behave in a business like manner.  That means you will treat others with respect, work when we are in the classroom, be penalized for coming to class late, and being expected to bring your work materials to class as well as other general employee aspects.  In the same way, you will be rewarded as employees are, with success in the class that includes good grades while learning valuable tools that will help with future jobs as well as life.


    Class rules:

    1.      Bring all materials and supplies to class everyday.

    2.      Be respectful to students as well as the teacher

    3.      Stay on task during work time

    4.      Follow all rules from the student code of conduct


    1.      Verbal warning

    2.      Teacher detention

    3.      Parent Contact

    4.      Discipline referral


    1.      Success in the class!!!!

    Grading Policy:

                50% Test Grades

                50% Daily Work:  Includes work ethic grade based on being on time, having materials, wearing your ID, being in dress code, and working during work time.

    Make up work policy:

    Is covered on page 10 of the Channelview ISD Student Handbook.


    I look forward to a great year and am excited to have your child in my class.


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