• Geometry Syllabus

    Mr. Galuppo   Room 204


    Welcome to Geometry.  This is your syllabus for the year and should be kept at the front of your binder at all times!


    Everyday Supplies

    • Binder with a section for geometry.
    • Loose leaf paper/Notebook paper
    • Pencils and Erasers
    • Checking Pen or Pencil (any color other than blue or black)
    • Graph paper
    • Calculator (will be supplied for you)
    • Interactive journal



    • Be respectful to everyone.
    • Come to class prepared.
    • .Follow directions the first time they are given
    • Follow all school rules
    • Use Class time wisely



    ·        First offense will result in a verbal warning

    ·        Second offense will result in after school teacher detention to be served for thirty minutes in my room the day following the incident

    ·        Third offense will result in after school detention and call home

    ·        Fourth offense will result in an office referral


    v     Students that fail to report to teacher detention will be written a referral

    Grading Policy

    ·        Major Test, Projects                        35% (Binder check and Projects may be

               used as a test grade.)

    ·        Daily Work, Quizzes                        50% (Warm-ups, Notes, homework,

    quizzes, daily assignments.)

    ·        CBA                                                  15% (Cumulative test, Semester exam)                    


    Daily Warm-Ups

    • Warm-ups will be given everyday at the beginning of class.  You will begin the assignment on the projector/board/desk/verbally given and complete it 8 minutes after the tardy bell rings. It is to your benefit to complete warm-ups as they will be reflected on tests and quizzes. It will be to your benefit to enter class as soon as possible allowing you more time to work on the Warm-up.  Warm-ups are a grade and are to be turned in every FRIDAY. If you do not have warm-ups on Friday you will receive a zero unless you are absent Friday.


    • The official tutorial day for mathematics is on Monday but, I will have tutorials after school Monday through Thursday from 2:10 to 3:00 pm. unless there is a faculty meeting!   You must sign-in and out when attending tutorials on the tutorial sign in sheet. Depending on student need and my time available I will be able to help students with class notes, clarification of what we talking about in class, homework problems, or STAAR preparation, tests and quizzes after school.  See me if you need me.


    Home Enrichment

    Home enrichment will be assigned everyday.  All home enrichment will be due the following day. If you are absent the day a home enrichment assignment is due, it is due the first day you return to school. Home enrichment must be done in pencil.  All computation and work must be shown and the answer boxed.  .  I won’t take scrawled or otherwise illegible home enrichment papers or illegible work of any kind.

    All home enrichment is due after warm-ups. If students are working on home enrichment during the warm-up it will be collected before homework questions are addressed.  Home enrichment turned in after this time will be marked late.  It is your responsibility to turn in your home enrichment in the designated tray for your period.  Failure to turn it in will result in a grade of zero.


    Heading for Papers

    Use the following heading when turning in any assignment:

    (Name)Smith, John

    (Date) August 24, 2012


    (Period) PD. 1


    Assignment Name with page number


    Late Work Policy

    Late work will be accepted no more than one day past the original due date with the highest grade received will be a 70.  If you do not turn in your assignment then the grade will be an automatic zero.


    Make-up Policy

    Assignments can only be made-up if the student has missed a class/lecture.  If any assignment has been missed, on the day your return it is your responsibility to pick up the assignment.  The missing assignment will be in the folder with your class period on the bulletin board at the front of the class. The due date of the assignment will be written on it as well as your name. It is the responsibility of the student to receive notes from a classmate and attend tutorials if help or clarification is needed.


    Retest Policy

    A student who receives a test (not a Daily grade) score below 70% MAY be eligible to complete test corrections.  Before a student can complete test corrections, he/she must attend a tutorial session for re-teaching.  Test corrections are given outside of class time, such as tutorials, and must be taken no later than one week from the date the original test was given.