Touch System Data Entry

    For 2013 - 2014

    Instructor: Mr. Craft

    Touch System Data Entry has exploded into the workforce with a powerful force! The new technology and innovations in today’s work society demands for transferable skills! Touch System Data Entry is that skill! It is a skill that you can take with you to any job!


    Students will apply technical skills to address business applications of emerging technologies. Students enhance reading, writing, computing, communication, and reasoning skills and apply them to the business environment. Students will need to apply touch system data entry for production of business documents.

    (includes Spelling Test and all other tests)


    (Includes timings, work ethics and all daily lessons)

    Please NOTE: IT IS VERY IMPERATIVE that Students bring material to class daily. A detention will be given if students fail to do so. MATERIALS ONLY INCLUDES: WRITING PAPER, AND A PEN/PENCIL. All others will be supplied by the school.

    DETENTION: will be held 15 min. on the following day in which it was assigned at 2:20 pm until 2:35 pm in my room (158). If your child fail to comply, then he/she will be given a school detention (see school handbook for school detention).

    Parents: Touch System Data Entry is a very fast pace class, so I’m asking you to encourage your child to attend school regularly. All make-up work for this class is done in the classroom only! They are not allowed to do any make-up work at home! If your child is absent he/she must make up work during lunch, or before or after school. My tutorials are every Tuesday from 2:10 – 3 PM.