• Bus Safety Rules

    According to state law, when the yellow lights on the bus are flashing, drivers need to start slowing down because the bus driver is preparing to stop. After the bus stops, the red lights flash, which tells drivers on both sides of the street to come to a complete stop. The only time opposing traffic does not need to stop is when there is a wide median separating each side of traffic. The transportation department works closely with school district police officers to warn violators about bus safety laws.
    Transportation is a privilege, not a right.
    Bus safety not only applies to drivers, but to those students who ride in the buses as well. Some of those safety responsibilities include:

    Dress for the weather and time of day: If it is rainy or dark, and visibility is poor, wear a raincoat or bright colored clothing with reflective material. Start extra early, walk carefully and stay alert.

    At the bus stop, stay away from the edge of the road, so you will be out of harm’s way.

    When entering the bus, let it come to a full stop and wait for the driver to open the door before you move toward the bus.