• I graduated from Sam Houston State University.  Back when I went there the buildings looked Medieval and ACTUALLY had Gargoyles on the ledges!
    I have spent the past 16 years in the engineering field.  Starting out, I thought I was going to be an Analytical Chemist.  However, luckily on my first day in the lab the DEPARTMENT of WEIRD SCIENCE of the PVT type caught news of me.  I had a choice . . . I could work in the Analytical Lab where I was comfortable and did so well in school OR I could go to work with these BIZZARRE engineers in the PVT Dept (Physical Chemistry was my WORST subject)
    So, I chose to do the hard thing!
    Good thing too.  I'm not kidding when I said they were called the Dept of Weird Science (REALLY!)  We designed and built the STRANGEST instruments all capable of making measurements of "STUFF" at extremely high temperatures and pressures (PVT = Pressure - Volume - Temperature).  There I learned all about mechanical engineering of high pressure systems, automated logic control and some REALLY ODD but Brilliant engineers.  So, after a while I then had a VERY unique resume and skill set.  NOW, I could go ANYWHERE in ANY field and be successful. 
    I've now had my fill of industry and research.  I had always intended to teach and even tried to get my certification in college but being a double science, SOMETHING had to go.  There just wasn't enough time for all three.  The time is now.
    My philosophy is that I want to show upcoming students interested in science and engineering that there are NO BOUNDARIES in science.  Just because you have a science degree in one field does NOT bind you to that area alone.  I thought I was going to be a chemist and ended up creating fantastic machines and programmed them to "think" and do amazing things with automation / control and instrumentation which covered many different fields of science such as Chemistry, Physics, Electricty and Logic.