• Grading Policy for Foreign Language Department
    50% Class work may include class participation, homework, quizzes, and oral reading. (AP Spanish IV & V)
    35% Major grades include tests, projects, and presentations. Writing across de Curriculum. (Spanish II)
    15% Nine week exam (CBA). Spanish II)
    Major tests can be retaken once. Two class periods shall be considered a reasonable time to remediate and retest. It has been my experience that students do better on retakes if the student begins to relearn and then retake soon after the original testing. I am usually available before and after school for help but please check with me beforehand about a given time. Ask for help that’s why I’m here.

    The following applies for Mr. Palacios:

    A. Major written test can be retaken for up to a 70.
    B. Your lowest quiz grade will be dropped every nine weeks.
    C. No late daily or homework is accepted.
    D. Cheating earns an automatic zero. This includes copying and the giving/taking of information on work to be done individually or as an assigned group.