• HGonzalez
    My name is Homero Gonzalez and I am your student's Art Teacher.  I will see your student once a week for the entire school year.
    To insure that we are never without adequate supplies I ask that you contribute the following:  
    1 box of #2 pencils
    1 glue stick
    1 t-shirt student can wear for painting and other messy material days 
    Please read the following Art Class Conduct Procedures and discuss with your child.  Note that there is very little room for misbehavior before consequences take effect:
    If students choose to break the rules:
    1. Discussion with student and Behavior Note documenting unacceptable behavior sent home to be signed by parent and returned.
    2. Call home and exclusion from one Art class
    3. After school detention.
    4. Office referral
    Thanks for all your help! 
    Mr. Homero Gonzalez
    Conference: 7:45 - 8:30
    Room #: 302
    Phone: 281-452-6008 ext.  2421