• Need to have a short meeting  on Thursday October 24th to plan the next induction ceremony.
    1.  Reminder to maintain GPA (need to bring a copy of your report card to Ms Hebert room 220 after next report card distribution)
       a.  Must have an overall 3.75 (weighted) GPA
       b. Must have an un-weighted 3.667 Science GPA
       c. Must maintain behavior that is acceptable to the guidelines of CHS Student Code of Conduct
    2. Service Hours
       a. 20 hours
       b. Assist a Science teacher with Lab setup and/or cleanup
       c. CVU tutoring
    3. Discussed the SNHS Scholarship Application
    4. Fundraisers
       a. bring ideas to the next meeting October 17, 2013
       b. we would like to purchase a SNHS banner
       c.  If we don't raise money members will have to purchase their SNHS graduation cords for $15.00
    5. Lectures
       a.  We would like to attend at least one Science Lecture at the HMNS (Houston Museum of Natural Science) in the spring.
       b. or possible having a guest speaker at one of our meetings.
    6. We will be inducting new members soon.
       a. current members and officers will conduct the induction ceremony and tapping.
       b. we will discuss plans for the next induction ceremony at the next meeting.
    Please attend the next meeting (October 24th) and bring suggestions for fundraisers and activities.