• Syllabus

    Channelview High School




    Natashia Tutt

    Room 124

    (281)452-1450ext. 4124


    Course:  English II

    English II Course Description:  This course places a strong emphasis on composition work with continual exercises in grammar and vocabulary.  Students will also read short stories and novels and evaluate them in regard to such literary elements as plot structure, theme, and characterizations. 

    Classroom Expectations: 

    ·        P  =  Purposeful  = Be in your seat ready to work when the tardy bell       



    ·        R  =  Respectful =  Use appropriate behavior and language in class

                                         =  Be RESPECTFUL to your peers, teacher, self and

                                               school property

    ·        O  =  Organized =  Bring all required materials daily

    ·        No eating or drinking of any sort in this room. This means you are not allowed to eat candy nor chew gum!!! 



     Consequences for Breaking Classroom Expectations:

    1stOffense:  verbal warning

    2nd Offense:  teacher/student conference;teacher directed consequences                     

    3rdOffense:  parent contact

    4thOffense:  conference with parent and student

    5thOffense:  office intervention

    *The teacher reserves the right to determine the severity of consequences.

    *Major offenses may be subject to advancement of consequences and/or immediate office intervention.


    Required Materials:    

    ·        1 Composition book

    ·         notebook paper

                                                     3 ring binder
                                                     1 pack of dividers

    ·        blue or black pens (work will not be accepted in other colored inks)

    ·        Multiple colored highlighters

    ·        For personal use:  markers, glue sticks,scissors, and colored pencils

                                                    **Kleenex, Hand Sanitizer, and Lysol Wipes may be purchased and brought to class for extra credit.




                Student attendance is AN ESSENTIAL AND A CRUCIAL factor in whether or not he/she is successful in this course.  It is almost impossible to pass this course without attending class.  If a student is absent, he/she will be allowed to make up any missed work.  Please remember it is the responsibility of the student to make up all missed work.


    Grading Policy:


    Daily Work                                            50%

    Tests/Major Assignments                  35%

    Benchmarks                                          15%

    Written Work:


     Written work must follow the MLA style guidelines below:

    1.     Student Name (last name, first name)

    2.     Teacher Name – Ms. Tutt

    3.     Name of Class and Class Period

    4.     Date– written out

    5.     Writing on the front of the paper ONLY


    Make-Up Work:


    Students who are absent due to illness are not expected to complete schoolwork during their illness. If a student misses only one day of school, the student has one day to complete the missed work.  It must be submitted the next day at the beginning of class.  If the student fails to comply, the grade will be a “zero.” In the event of a prolonged excused absence, the work will be due within seven calendar days of the student’s return to school.



                Anyone caught cheating on a test or committing any form of plagiarism will automatically receive a zero on the specified assignment/test.  The student must complete the assignment/test after school, and the maximum grade that can be received is a 70.   The test will be retaken at the teacher’s earliest available after-school appointment. Failure to comply will result in the assignment/test grade remaining a“zero.”  In addition to receiving a zero, the student will be sent to the office for immediate intervention.



    If a student requests to borrow a textbook for one evening, it may be checked out from his/her teacher.

    For a student to borrow a textbook for long term home use, parents must contact the teacher.

    All home textbooks must be returned at the end of the school year; failure to return the textbooks will result in a book fine totaling the book’s cost.



    ***STAAR Preparation will be ongoing throughout the school year.  Vocabulary will come from SAT preparation words as well as the literary selections that are covered in class.




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