• ELA/Reading Upcoming Assignments & Attachments
     2nd Grade 2018-2019
    All About Me Animoto Video Project Guidelines/Rubric (Projects Due September ___, 2018)
    We will use Animoto.com for our "All About Me" projects. We may also use Animoto for other projects throughout the school year. Please click on https://animoto.com/sign_up to sign up for free for the 30-second LITE membership. To check out Ms. Bernal's video please CLICK HERE.  Animoto Video Project Grade Sheet - This will show you how I will grade Projects. If you are unable to get all of the components in to your project in the Free 30-second version, please let me know ahead of time and I will give you pointers to help you. This should be a fun quick project! ENJOY and I know students CANNOT WAIT to see their classmates' projects!! Ms. C.Bernal