•                                                                                      Mandatory L.O.T.C. Supply List
     1).  Solid Black leather shoes ...Black soles, black sides, Black uppers, Black Laces, No slip on shoes, No boots, No Tennis shoes... (No type of color anywhere on shoes).
     2). Black socks must come to at least the bottom of calf. ... Thick or thin socks, (No below the ankle, ankle socks, writing or colored socks allowed).
     3). Solid white T-Shirt Crew cut (Round Neck only).... No muscle shirts, no prints, no long sleeves, no colors allowed.
     4). Cadets can buy the regulation military shoes if they want that shoe. (Can purchase at Command Post). Any Cadet who is on the Honor Guard Team (Color Guard, Saber, and Rifle) are required to have the regulation shoes. Male Cadets who are on any of the Honor Guard Teams must have a regulation haircut.
    5). Black cover composition book
    6). #2 Pencils or Mechanical pencils. (No pens or markers allowed).
    7). $5.00 for the end of the year cleaning fee (paid at the time uniforms are issued).