English 4 is for any student who has passed both English 1 and English 2 EOC tests and has received credit for English 3.  It allows students who have met the testing requirement to earn a half-credit in English 4 in 6 weeks by completing a novel study or genre-specific study.  Each 6 weeks unit will cover reading, writing, grammar, literary analysis, and style analysis, with an emphasis on critical thinking skills throughout the course by focusing on one major work, genre, or literary theory.  The works will be read in class, but frequent absences will require students to catch up on their own time.  Some work may need to be completed outside of class.  With good attendance, appropriate behavior, completion of all assignments, participation in class, and an average grade of 70%, students will earn either English 4a or 4b at the end of each six weeks unit.
    Students may not earn a credit prior to the end of the unit.  This is an accelerated course only in the respect of taking a semester of English 4 and completing it in 6 weeks, allowing students who wish to graduate early the opportunity to earn the necessary credits.  Students will work at the pace of the teacher/unit and cannot work ahead.
    Once all English 4 credits are received, this course can also be taken again as an elective or local credit if those are still needed for the student to graduate.
    Possible titles may include Medea, Beowulf, Canterbury Tales, Jekyll and Hyde, Metamorphosis, Shakespeare, Short Stories, Poetry, Drama, Gothic Literature, Feminist Theory, Mythology, and many others. Each 6 weeks the unit focus changes allowing students to continue to earn appropriate credits to apply towards their graduation goals.
    All assignments and work can be found on Google Classroom.
    Please contact me should you have any questions regarding this course.