• Coach Kennington & Cobb Elementary would like to thank the CISD Education Foundation!!!
    The CISD Education Foundation awarded Coach Kennington a grant for the purchase of 36 accelerometers to be used in P.E. classes for the Kinder-5th grade students beginning in 2015-2016 school year. The accelerometer has the ability to calculate each individual student physical activity level from moderate to vigorous, amount of activity time, total step count, distance traveled, and kilocalories burned. All of the students are learning to be responsible for their devices and set goals for their own physical activity. Upper elementary students also use the measurements to create data charts and use the information to see trends in their activity. The students are excited to be able to use this technology in our "Accelerated Environment"!
    The 2014-2015 Elementary P.E. teachers would like to thank the CISD Education Foundation!!!
    The CISD Education Foundation awarded Coach Griffin (Harvey Brown Elementary) and district elementary P.E. teachers a $2,000 grant to fund "Healthy All Around" kits  which target various health topics: dental hygiene, germs/hand washing, safety, body systems, and drug awareness.  Each health topic focuses on students learning fun, fact filled information in the form of a games.  With the use of these hands on materials/games our student body will gain a better understanding of health content, while moving and being active.