All students are expected to participate in PE class.
    1st -5th Grade students receive a participation grade and a conduct grade for each nine week grading period.
    Assessments will include, but are not limited to the following items: participation, behavior, skill proficiency, task completion, written tests, appropriate dress, effort, etc.
    (Absences from school and Doctors' notes will be excused)
    During a 9 week period, if a student is unable to participate due to misbehavior, refusal to participate, not wearing proper shoes/dress, or not providing parent/doctor excuse will result in lower grade. Refusal to participate will result in a lower grade in both participation and conduct.
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    Student PE conduct sheet will be copied and sent home each week from the Homeroom Teacher to be signed and returned.

    Conduct Rubric may be found on the student conduct sheet.


    Each 9 weeks, students may earn the following conduct letter grade:

    E=Excellent Conduct

    S=Satisfactory Conduct

    N=Needs Improvement in Conduct

    U=Unsatisfactory Conduct

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