• THE ABC’s Of Fourth Grade


    In an effort to help our students practice organizational skills, McMullan 4th grade will be using student agendas. All students will be issued one agenda, and supplies are limited, so lost agendas will not be replaced.  Students are expected to use their agenda daily to record all homework assignments. Parents are expected to review agendas daily to check for homework assignments and initial or sign daily. This is an excellent tool of communication between school and home, so please feel free to write in the agenda if you as a parent have a question or concern. 

     BEHAVIOR - “THE FIVE BEES” (School and Classroom Expectations)

    McMullan Elementary School uses “The Five Bee’s” for our school-wide behavior expectations. “The Five Bee’s” are defined below for students.  


    Be Respectful and Be Safe

    Be respectful towards your teachers and other adults. Follow directions, stay seated and raise your hand in the classroom. Be respectful and safe towards your classmates. Keep your hands, feet, objects, and unkind remarks to yourself. Be respectful towards school and others property. Please keep the school neat and safe as you will be spending a lot of time on campus. 


    Be Responsible

    Be responsible for your words and actions. Admit mistakes as they are made. Avoid making the same mistake twice. Accept the consequences for your actions. Accept responsibility for the choices you make. Be responsible for your area. Keep the things that belong to you orderly. Be responsible for your work. Listen carefully. Turn your work in on time. It is your responsibility to keep up with your work. Responsible students rarely if at all lose or misplace assignments. Be responsible for your materials. Have your books, papers and pencil ready to work at all times. Do not bring unacceptable items to school. If you are in doubt about something you want to bring to school, ask your teacher if it is acceptable to bring to school. 


    Be Cooperative and Be Peaceful

    Be cooperative by following directions and rules. Take turns and listen when others are speaking. Be peaceful by using calm, indoor voices. Remain quiet when asked and use walking feet at all times inside the school building.



    CONSEQUENCES (of Undesirable Behavior)

    Teachers will mark the student’s conduct sheet when he/she does not meet the classroom or school expectations. This is to document undesired behaviors. The conduct sheet is a visible reminder for students that they are responsible for their own conduct.  Each Friday the students will be given a copy of their individual conduct sheet that will allow you, the parent/guardian, and the student to view his/her conduct sheet for the previous week. This sheet needs to be signed and brought back the following day. At the end of each nine weeks, the correlating conduct grade will be reported on the report card.

     Consequences (of undesirable behavior) will be as follows:

    1. Verbal warning
    2. Conduct cut
    3. Loss of recess
    4. Loss of shopping in Mustang Market for the week
    5. Telephone call  or letter sent home
    6. Referral to office

    ** Please Note: If at any time a student is physically threatening he/she will receive an immediate office referral. Also, if an office referral is written the student will automatically receive a U in conduct for that grading period.



                Number of Conduct Marks

    0   –   4      =          E

    5   – 8       =          S

    9 – 12      =          N

    13 +           =          U

    E = Excellent                                       S = Satisfactory  

    N = Needs Improvement        U = Unsatisfactory


    Students will have a chance daily to earn tickets for excellent behavior. Students may earn a ticket for homework completion, hallway behavior, attentive in class, following the 5 Bees and lending a helping hand to others, etc. Students will have the opportunity to cash in their tickets at the Mighty Mustang Market. At the market, students can buy prizes such as mechanical pencils, books, posters, treats, and other prizes with their positive tickets that they have earned throughout the week. Students will also receive self-satisfaction and verbal praise for following school and classroom rules. Students will also earn privileges such as recess, free-time, positive notes sent home, and lunch with their teacher for excellent conduct.


    Teachers will take a sufficient number of grades to demonstrate mastery of TEKS for each student in all subject areas.  Grades will be taken from a variety of sources, such as daily classroom assignments, homework, labs, projects, written compositions, projects and tests.


    Graded papers and tests may be sent home every Friday along with the conduct sheet. Please look for these each week in the orange folder. Parents may view their child’s grades on-line through the Parent Access Center at any time. There will be further information about this coming home soon and how you can access your child’s grades on-line. 

    Progress Reports:

    Progress reports will be sent home on the fifth Tuesday of each nine weeks:

    September 13; November 15; February 7; April 25 


    Report Cards:

    Report cards will be sent home on the Friday following the end of each nine weeks:

    October 28; January 20; March 31, May 26


    Students will be going to groups daily for forty-five minutes. They will rotate between Art, Music, P.E. and Computer Lab. Students will attend groups daily.



    Homework will vary from day to day, but students will have homework daily. The homework may only include reading an AR book or studying multiplication facts, but students will receive homework everyday. Any work not completed during class time will be sent home for homework as well. If homework is not completed on time, (unless due to an emergency in which the parent has notified the teacher) the student will receive a conduct cut, and the homework assignment will still need to be completed. It is the student’s responsibility to complete all homework on time.


    For each day that an assignment is late, 10 points will be deducted from the daily grade for that assignment. Students will be reminded of missing work verbally and it will be listed on the back of the weekly conduct sheet as well. Therefore, when the end of the nine week grading period arrives and the grades are averaged, a 0 will be averaged for each missing assignment.


    We will visit the library once a week to check out a library book as well as an AR book. There will be some extra time in class to read, however each child is also expected to read at home nightly for twenty minutes for additional reading practice. We have many prizes students can earn for their AR reading and points throughout the year. 


    Communication between parents and teachers is important for student success. Please expect to have at least one parent conference throughout the year to discuss your child’s progress. Weekly conduct sheets will be sent home to help you stay informed of your child’s behavior as well as missing work. Also, we ask that you initial your child’s agenda that will be coming home nightly to view their homework and any comments written by his/her teachers that day.  Please feel free to write comments to communicate in these agendas. We are available daily during our conference period (12:20-1:05) to discuss your child’s progress throughout the year. We are also available through email at any time. We encourage you to have open communication with us throughout the school year to help educate your child in the best way possible. 


    Fourth grade students will take three state tests this year in Writing, Math, and Reading. Previously known as the TAKS tests is now the STAAR – State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness. These tests will are strenuous for students; however we will diligently work with each child to properly prepare them for their state assessments.

    STAAR Dates:

    Writing – March 28

    Math – May 8

    Reading – May 9

    The Channelview Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sex,age or disability in providing education services, activities, and programs, including vocational programs, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972; and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.  The district Title IX Coordinator is Assistant Superintendent of Administration, Robert Worthy.  



    Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support. We assure you that each and every decision we make is in the best interest of your child’s safety and education. We strongly believe that we (you, your child, and teacher) can make a tremendous difference in your child’s achievements and abilities if we work together as a team. Please sign and return the bottom of this page. You may keep the other pages for future reference.

     Thank you,

    4th Grade Teachers

       Mr. Guerra

       Ms. Abrego

       Mrs. DeLeon

       Ms. Harris

       Mrs. Nevarez 















    I have read the classroom rules, rewards, consequences, grading information, and all other information contained in this handout called The ABC’s of 4th Grade and discussed each area with my child.


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