• Technical Dual Credit
    Dual Credit Classes are offered to students in grades 11-12 at San Jacinto North.  Students must be willing to attend classes daily from 12 noon - 3:00 p.m. at San Jacinto North Campus.  A bus will take and return students who do not have their own transportation.  Students who drop classes before the end of a semester must reimburse the district for tuition, supplies, and books.
    Career Cluster Program Grade
    Architecture and Construction Air Conditioning and Heating 11-12
      Electrical Technology 11-12
    Health Science Emergency Medical Technology 12
      Medical Assissting 11-12
      Pharmacy Technician 11-12
    Hospitality and Tourism Culinary Arts 11-12
    Human Services Cosmetology 11-12
    Law, Public Safety Corrections & Security Criminal Justice 11-12
    Manufacturing Welding 11-12
    Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Engineering Design Graphics (drafting) 11-12
    Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Auto Body 11-12
      Diesel Technology 11-12
      Maritime and Logistics 11-12
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